About DesiWeds

I started DesiWeds with the goal of sharing my knowledge with brides, grooms and families like yours. Ultimately, we want to help you avoid the struggles and uncertainties that come with planning a multi-cultural event, such as your wedding (and ancillary events). Blending various traditions with modern-day western trends is no small feat. Therefore, I believe that equipping you with knowledge and tools that you can use throughout your wedding planning process, regardless of whether or not you have a wedding consultant, will help you keep your sanity so you can host a memorable, stress-free event you will all enjoy. 

If you’re planning any type of South Asian wedding, here you’ll find honest and authentic advice to help you maintain control during the planning process and avoid vendors calling the shots.

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Christian: Malayalee and Knanaya Christians | Hindu: Gujarati, Marawadi, Punjabi, South Indian (Malayalee, Telengu, Tamil), UP, Bengali, Parsi, and Kashmiri | Punjabi Sikh | Muslim: Ismaili, Shia, Sunni

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California, New York, Mississippi, Colorado, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Washington D.C.. Mexico, United Arab Emirates, India, Morocco, Italy.

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Shena Cherian

Hi, I’m Shena Cherian, I started offering wedding consulting services in 2004 exclusively to South Asian families. At the time, wedding planners for the Desi community did not exist so I knew that there was an absolute need for this service.  After planning over 250 weddings, ranging in budgets from $30,000 to $650,000, I have mastered the art of South Asian wedding planning for couples who live in the States. I’ve also heard way too many horror stories of couples and parents who are winging this on their own. That experience has provided me with the foundation for what DesiWeds represents.