the key to a happy, stress free start

The week of your wedding can be a bit hectic making everyone feel stressed… having your wedding packing list items organized will make life much easier on your wedding day.  Seriously, the last thing you want is to realize you don’t have your bindis or cufflinks with you the moment you start putting on your outfit! Even if you plan on staying at your parents’ house to get ready for your wedding events, we encourage you to pack ahead so that everything is in one place and easy to find.

Be prepared for multiple events

With multiple events to get ready for, we suggest packing for each event separately and labeling each bag. This will help you avoid having to riffle through several bags to find something.  To help you, we’ve created a wedding packing list with “day of” and overnight items that brides and grooms tend to forget. 

Download your .pdf version of the wedding packing list for the groom and for the bride to save to your phones.

Remember to have an outfit to wear for the next day! If you are hosting a brunch, or even if you are just leaving the hotel, you are likely to see guests again. Since you are the newlyweds, you want to look presentable 🙂

south indian wedding packing list for the groom
south indian wedding packing list for the bride