Interview Questions to Ask Decorator and/or Florist

How many weddings do you do in a typical weekend?

Most large decorating companies will do mulitple events every weekend.  What you want to get a sense of is if they have the manpower for multiple events.  Also, note that the more events they are doing, the earlier you need to finalize your decor items so that what you want is available for your event. 

Who will be my primary point of contact and what is the best form of communication with that individual?

Here you want to be sure that your sales rep/designer is going to be your main point of contact throughout the process.  As for the best form of communication, you want to understand if they prefer email, group text or phone calls. And, you also want understand what you should do for communication the week of your wedding. 

Who is your ideal client?

This is probably my favorite question EVER! Once you understand how they like to work, it makes it easy to know what to do so that you get the desired results. If they say they like working with someone who will gather their ideas and put it together into one platform and bring it to their meeting, the best thing for you to do is just that. Don’t text them or send multiple emails with all your ideas.  This lets you be in the driver’s seat and avoid frustration along the way.  

What is the process for deciding on decor?

Every company has a different process, you want to understand it.  Some companies like you to bring in inspiration pictures and they will create a look off of that.  Others would prefer you to come in and discuss it, so they can create a visual for you to show you what they can design for you.  One other option would be for you to look at inventory items or pictures of their previous events then you can select from that.  This will boil down to your preference and needs. 

Are you the point of contact on event day or will it be someone else?

Ideally your sales rep is your main point of contact on event day, since you have talked to them over the entire process and selection of all decor elements. They have the best understanding of what you want on event day.  

Have you had experience decorating Indian weddings? Can I see your work (if you haven't reviewed it online)?

If you are hosting a large wedding or need a lot of specific items as with a Hindu ceremony, you want to be sure the decorator has the inventory and experience.  Setting up for 500 guests is VERY different than setting up for a 150 guests.  

If I provide my own reserved signs, pictures, etc., will you set up these things on wedding day?

If they say yes, it’ll save you the headache of finding someone else to do this on event day.  Many of them do not want to be responsible for your personal items, however, it never hurts to ask! 

How many hours do you need for set up and tear down?

This is an important question to note if your venue has other events going on prior to or post your event.  You will want to confirm this number with your venue prior to signing your contract. IF you don’t have enough hours, it is likely the decor team will want to charge you for extra hours and that should be negotiated prior to signing the contract. 

How long will it take you to set up between ceremony and reception?

Ideally, the decor team will work in conjunction with the venue to ensure a smooth transition.  Remember, you will likely only have about 4 hours in total after the ceremony to transition for reception for a Hindu wedding. Much less for Christian or Muslim weddings. 

Will you do a mock up for me of what I want in decor?

The answer should be YES! You have to understand that they will likely not set up everything, however, you should have a good visual of what things will look like prior to your wedding festivities.  At a minimum, they should set up what your tablescape will look like with flowers and all. 

Are there extra fees for set up and delivery?

So, you just want to be aware of this before comparing decor team quotes.  Some companies add this as a line item to the total and others will include this fee in the pricing of their goods/services.  

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